Red Car Adventure Story & Puzzle

The Little Red Car Adventure Story and Puzzle is a unique interactive web application that allows you the chance to become a part of the story as it unfolds. Each week a new chapter (written out as clues) becomes available via Twitter for you to read, and as you follow along feel free to send me feedback, both comments and suggestions about what you think is happening in the story. What do you think should happen? Each week on Saturday afternoon, after the last clue is revealed, the first three followers that guess the location of the story correctly have the opportunity to name a place and/or clues for an upcoming story. I love feedback and will try to incorporate it into the story-line. Sound fun? So put on your thinking cap and join in the story! *Official Rules & Guide to Playing is posted on our companion page.

Magic is in every one of us. For some of us it is a little harder to find, but if we stay persistent and true to that which is inside of us then the moment will come…the moment when we find our magic, and if we are lucky we will find a way to share it with the world.

The story that follows is about how one little boy found the magic, and how the magic found him….The overlook

It is a story of friendship, heartache, and the special relationship that exists between a child and his most treasured childhood possession, a toy.

Unlike many stories, you are welcome to contribute, to help determine and direct the wondrous adventures. Please enjoy, check out the weekly posts page for this weeks chapter and feel free to check back often…as the story unfolds.

See you soon.






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